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Foodswap summer

Posted on Oct 28, 2013 by in Food / Eten, Swaps | 2 comments



Only a couple of days now and the Christmas foodswap entry will close. The second foodswap I organize here in the Netherlands.


This summer was the first one. Before than I had already participated in several foodswaps organized by others. Always so much fun when preparing the food for others, and receiving your own package is as excited as when you would receive your birthday presents. I really love the fact that everybody makes something from the heart and their personality shows through the products they send. It is always heartwarming to see what was made for me.


The summer swap was actually sent at the end of summer, half September.

The assignments were:

♦ Summer has so many wonderful fruits to offer, you taste the sun. Make something with summer fruits, which can be a fruitcake, but also think of jam, juice etc

♦ Barbecue is summer, and therefore could not be left behind. Make a barbecue spice for your buddy. Do not forget to add a description.

♦ A food swap is no foodswap without baking something. This assignment is left up to you, whether you make something sweet or savory, bake cookies or bread. But, keep the summer in mind.

♦ We picnic a lot during the summer. In the garden, on the beach, or during the long drives to our summer holiday destination. Make something that should not be missed out during a picnic.

♦ As last assignment, a favorite product or ingredient from one of your holidays. Perhaps you stay home this year, think of a previous holiday and try to get the product or create your own. And remember, day trips also count. Be creative!


Through random selection I had to make my foodswap for Sylvana. She mentioned that she prefers to eat as less carbohydrate as possible and is allergic to peppers.

I made and bought for Sylvana the following:

♦ Figs and chocolate jam - recipe

♦ A fish spice mix with fennel, pink pepper, celery and cardamom

♦ Home made chocolates with coconut butter, raw cacao, agave and goji berries – recipe 

♦ Hand picked black olives from my parents’ garden in olive oil

♦ Herbes de Provence


I received beautiful package from Ellen, which put a smile on my kids and my face. We immediately tried out everything. She made & bought for me:

♦ Summer fruit jam made with marmello and without seeds

♦ Barbecue spice mix without salt, which smells delicious

♦ Home made scones and an Italians chestnut cake

♦ Date, apricot & nut balls

♦ The sending date came closer and the product from Norway she wanted to add to my package had not arrived. Therefor she added a snaps from Austria to keep us warm during the colder September evenings

♦ Ellen also added a beetroot salad which was delicious!


foto 3









The summer foodswap was a success and I am very much looking forward to the Christmas foodswap.


For the Dutch readers, you can still join the Christmas foodswap until the 31st of October.

Check out the details here!


  1. Ohh wat heb ik gesmuld van jouw mooie pakket! Het was ook echt heel leuk ingepakt. Super!

    • Goed om te horen Sylvana. Ik heb de swap met veel plezier gemaakt. Op naar een volgende foodswap!

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