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My first post

Posted on Oct 27, 2013 by in Crochet / Haken | 2 comments


So I asked myself, what should this first post be about?

Maybe with the activity which has filled my evenings lately: crochet.

It all started when I received a crochet needle and some yarn from a snailmail friend. I had put off learning crochet for a while as I tried once in the past and failed tremendously. However, with this very person and well thought through snailmail package, I had to give it another shot. So I started with a very simple granny square, which to my amazement went pretty well. All excited I tried out hearts, flowers, mandalas and after a while I believed it was time for a bigger project. I did some inquiries via twitter which yarn would be best to work with as a start and bought my first yarn online. The day the package with the DROPS Paris yarn arrived I got very excited. Double excited as I could start my first big crochet project and because it was going to be my sisters 35th birthday present. I had 1,5 weeks!

In retrospect those 1,5 weeks were a little short, so I ended up crocheting day & night. I even ended up crocheting during our car trip to the South of France, where my parents live, and where my sister celebrated her birthday. My dear husband ended up driving almost the entire 2 days. But it was all worth it. The end result was stunning!


Since, I have made a friend very happy with a “autumn themed” granny shawl (click here for the pattern), and my daughter with a poncho which she does not want to take off. And I hope to make a couple of other girls smile when they receive their new, personal, ponchos.

Read more about it in one of my future posts.



  1. Hey wat leuk, je hebt een blog! Ik ben niet zo’n haker (géén haker, zeg maar) maar blogs van mensen die je een beetje kent zijn per definitie goed. Succes, en veel plezier!

    • Hoi Klaasje, dank je wel!

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